Introducing ABASI Dance Lab, the FIRST Applied Behavior Analysis sports facility. ABASI Dance Lab is the first branch of the prestigious Applied Behavior Analysis Sports Innovations (ABASI) LLC. Also check out our website at www.abasidancelab.com. For more information, please read below or contact Dr. Quinn by emailing malloryquinn@abasportsinnovations.com.

Scientific Private Lessons for the Competitive Dancer
ABASI Dance Lab provides private lessons to the competitive dancer using procedures from the data based science of ABA using scientifically proven methods published by our founder Dr. Mallory Quinn.

In Dr. Quinn’s published ABA studies, competitive dancers enhanced their performance by an average percentage difference of 38% and a 112% average percent increase on movements such as a switch kick side stride leap, double grabbing leg around turn, back catch scorpion kick/needle and triple pirouette using scientific ABA methods. These lessons allow competitive dancers a unique chance to enhance their performance level using scientific methods with data collection and analysis!

Scientific Private Lessons for the Dancer with Special Needs
As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Dr. Quinn has worked as a therapist with clients with Autism and special needs for many years as well as adult dancers with special needs and wheelchair dancers. Dr. Quinn understands that dancers with Autism have specific needs in addition to the achievement of steps. Students with Autism will learn dance, and in addition adapt essential skills to succeed in their lessons and beyond the dance class. With the goal of integration and inclusion, data will be provided each step of the way on improvement of dance and social outcomes.

We are the Only Facility in the U.S. Offering These Trainings
You will not find another facility in Tampa, Florida, or the United States using these innovative methods developed by our company founder and published in multiple scientific journals. Spots are limited, call 813-786-0551 to book your complimentary assessment today! Located just outside of Westchase / Citrus Park in Tampa!