Fitness Studios Versus a Gym


Let’s be honest. Many of us do not have the motivation to go to a gym on our own and complete an intense and productive workout, or even know how to sequence exercises. Even for those of us that do, sometimes we need an extra motivator to keep us going, or even an element of fun to the workout that a gym setting cannot provide.

There are many reasons we are drawn to fitness classes and studios.

Fitness Studios Provide Motivation through Community

Fitness classes are a great way to keep us motivated through providing a community of instructors and members to hold you accountable. With a few exceptions, most people at the gym will not notice if you missed attending your workouts. At a smaller fitness studio, members who miss class within the month are frequently followed up with. The teachers at the studios know the “regulars” and notice your absence. This holds us all to a higher level of accountability than a general gym setting. In addition, it is easy to make friends in the community of a studio as frequently the same members attend classes at the same time.Many studio regulars text each other to remind their friends to attend class and/or tag each other on social media posts for accountability.

Fitness Studios Provide Specialized Classes

Although some gyms do provide group fitness classes, frequently, classes at smaller boutique studios are more specialized. Meaning, each instructor rather than being certified as a group fitness instructor in a variety of methods, frequently holds a specialized certification to teach a specific class in the method of that studio or the technique. A certified yoga instructor at a small studio has had at least 200 hours of training specifically studying yoga. Ballet teachers likely have had a lifetime of training and years of professional and teaching experience. You know when you attend a class in a specific area, you are getting specialized instruction (of course this also depends on the quality of the studio).

Fitness Studios Can Provide Smaller Intimate Class Sizes

With exceptions, smaller fitness studios do not hold more than around 20 people in a class. The members, who have been attending longer, typically do not need as much hands on adjustment or attention as newer clients. Typically, classes have 0-3 new clients in them per class. The cost is much less than a personal trainer, however you get the benefits of an instructor focusing on your form and attending to you (of course shared with others). In addition, studios offer the option of private lessons for newbies or those wishing to learn more about the technique. Many people feel more comfortable attending classes with people they see regularly than going to a huge gym with hundreds of strangers every day.

Fitness Classes can be Less Intimidating for those New to Fitness

For individuals new to fitness, going to the gym with equipment they don’t know how to use and no idea how to sequence workouts can be daunting and ineffective. At a small fitness studio all you have to do is show up for class! Your teacher has done all the work of selecting the exercises, choreography, and sequence of class. You get an effective workout in a short amount of time.

They are FUN!

With the right studio and a great instructor, fitness classes are so much more fun than working out on your own. Instructors spend hours selecting playlists and choreography so all you have to do is show up, enjoy the music, and do your best! Many times jokes are cracked, stories told, and gatherings occur after class.

If you have ever felt under motivated, clueless, or lost in the crowd at a gym, I highly encourage you to try a group fitness class at a small boutique studio in your area! In our next blog I will talk about selecting a workout and studio that is right for you.