One aspect of our studio that makes us so unique is our family yoga programs. Our studio has yoga classes for all developmental ages including infants all the way up to teens. Yoga has physical and mental benefits for kids of all ages. All of our yoga classes are developmentally appropriate, and taught by teachers certified in kids yoga, in addition to years of experience teaching kids in multiple settings including preschools, homeschools, physical activity courses, and/or child psychological and behavioral experience. Some of our classes are interactive with parents, while others allow the children to create, explore, and build independence on their own. While most of our kids classes are 6 week series, we also have special events and some permanent homeschool group kids classes on the schedule. Please join our mailing list and follow us on social media to stay up to date of all the upcoming series offerings!

All upcoming kids yoga series are listed on the "upcoming events" page! 


Our mommy and me yoga classes are for moms and babies ages newborn to crawling. It is essentially a “bring your baby to yoga” class with so much more! Our class is filled with new moms and a support group. If you need to feed your baby or change a diaper, anything goes! This class provides moms the opportunity to regain strength and tone muscles while bonding, singing, and playing with their babies. Mommy and me yoga makes tummy time fun, and builds strength to aide babies in their next stage of development including developing skills for sitting, scooting, crawling, and walking.

Benefits of Mommy & Me Yoga
Bond with your baby  •  Moms can build back their strength and flexibility in a safe and accepting setting while bonding with their babies  •  Meet other new moms and gain community support  •  Assists babies with developmental skills  •  Great way to ease back into yoga and exercise  •  Meditation is good for emotional well-being of new moms  •  Aids digestion for babies  •  Helps babies sleep better  •  Establishes long-term exercise habits for babies

Toddler yoga is for ages 12-36 months old. This yoga class involves full participation with the parents and includes songs, games, and activities to introduce yoga to toddlers. Games and activities are child-directed, and creative movement activities are incorporated. Yoga poses are introduced through books, songs, games, and through partner poses between child and parent.

Benefits of Toddler Yoga
Increases mobility and independence  •  Enhances social awareness  •  Provides sensory stimulation  •  Increases confidence  •  Fosters language development  •  Encourages a healthy lifestyle/introduction to exercise  •  Parents can make connections with others  •  Improves mood  •  Increases muscle strength and motor development  •  Strengthens the parent/child bond

Our kids yoga classes are for children ages 4-8. We use the Kidding Around Yoga Curriculum and all of our instructors are certified. Kidding Around Yoga is an internationally recognized kids yoga program that teaches children mediation, mindfulness, breathing practices, poses, and more through fun songs, games, and activities that kids enjoy! Your child will learn yoga through fun games, singing, dancing, and interacting with other children. The program is essentially a fun way for your children to learn stress management and get out their energy in a healthy way! The lessons your child learns in class will stay with them through all walks of life.

Benefits of Kids Yoga
Builds strength and flexibility  •  Improves focus and concentration  •  Helps with digestion  •  Kids learn mindfulness and empathy  •  Builds self esteem  •  Enhances calmness through meditation practices  •  Cardiovascular movement  •  Burns calories  •  Expends energy  •  Social interaction with other children  •  Sense of play allows kids to be silly and have fun  •  Music and dancing has therapeutic properties such as teaching rhythm, tempo, and coordination  •  Principles of yoga taught in class such as kindness, sharing, compassion, and awareness are skills children can take with them throughout life

Preteen yoga is for ages 9-12.  Kids nowadays have more stress than ever in their lives, especially with the added presence of social media and issues prevalent in our society. Preteen yoga allows kids to learn yoga movement in a fun and safe environment. In preteen yoga we teach yoga in a casual and fun way to connect with pre teens. Instead of songs, yoga is taught in a more “adult” manner with poses, challenging flows and games, and partner activities. Our class also includes the teaching and practice of meditation, and includes journaling. This class not only teaches kids to move their body, but also how to calm their mind and relieve common stressors in their lives. We guarantee your preteen will LOVE this class!

Benefits of Preteen Yoga
Journaling and meditation for stress relief  •  Discussion and problem solving of common issues facing pre teens  •  Safe environment for pre teens to hang out with other kids their age  •  Explore creativity  •  Caloric burn and aerobic activity  •  Increased flexibility  •  Stretching for athletes to help supplement their performance in their sport activity


Family yoga is for ideal for families with children ages 3-8. This is a great way to come out and de-stress with your own kids, grandkids, or even a niece or nephew!  While here, our certified Kids Yoga instructor will help you learn tools to use at home to help with relaxation, managing stress and emotions, and increasing focus.  We will use fun games and songs as we learn yoga poses and burn off a little energy in a healthy way!

Benefits of Family Yoga
Builds strength and flexibility in all family members •  Creates dialogue and conversation •  Helps children to connect their minds and bodies  •  Forms community bonds as families come together with other families  •  Promotes a healthy body image  •  Caloric burn and aerobic activity  •  Increased flexibility  • Improves memory • Improves regulation of emotions