This place is amazing. I love the environment and the amount of different classes they offer. Everyone is so friendly. I enjoy coming every chance that I can. -CT

Very welcoming. nice. knowledgeable. close. priced perfectly. so glad there are more adult ballet classes in the area.- CE

Green Locus has a variety of classes that are fun engaging workouts; and the hairless studio cats ROCK!! -TC

This is more than a yoga studio. It’s like a family. I have loved becoming a student here and look forward to my ballet classes every week. I’ve felt embraced and welcome since the first day. -AC

My 12 year old fell in love with yoga with her 1st class. she really enjoyed the adult ballet with Melissa who was amazing. Working with Mallory for the Abasi program was phenomenal. Maggie made great progress with her dance!!- KB

Great place! I’ve tried two chain barre studios and I like the Green Locus version best. The teachers and students are friendly. The studio is clean, modern and has a comfortable feel. I’ve tried yoga and barre classes and am looking forward to trying the dance classes. No matter which class I take, I always leave sweaty and with a smile!-CW

Wonderful experience for baby yoga. Mallory is amazing. -DS

I purchased a monthly pass and I am loving it!! The variety and different levels of everything they have to offer is great. So glad I’m pushing myself to be stronger and toned with these awesome ladies. -LB

I love the class choices of this studio and it seems there is something for everyone. There are even classes for teen and children's yoga. If you don't feel like doing yoga one week, there are barre fitness classes, and modified ballet classes for adults . The atmosphere is very positive and slightly elegant while still very homey and welcoming. I love the yoga for the back class and everyone that goes to that class always is commenting on how much better they feel after class, so its probably not just me. The instructors always seem to give corrections and suggestions for modifications which is important at my age. I don't go to class to get injured so this is important to me. I feel like the studio is a perfect fit for me and my needs. -LQ

Love Green locus. Everyone is friendly and the staff are amazing. The owner is sweetheart always helpful. -KM

I tried out this studio recently. After trying out a few classes, I decided to get a year membership. I was sold in the positivity of this place! There is so much variety in the types of classes: Barre, gentle yoga, power yoga, and even adult beginner ballet. All the instructors that work here are super personable, especially the owner Mallory! I tried out another studio in the area and just didn’t get the same welcoming feeling. I go to class, I sweat my buns off, & chat up my new friends. So glad to have found this place! -CG

I LOVE taking classes here! I appreciate the variety of class types, accessible times, and skilled instructors. Everybody is welcoming and friendly, making me feel like I am part of a community. I especially enjoy being able to take adult ballet classes. -JT

My daughter takes the kids' yoga class and it is amazing. Mallory, the owner and instructor, is wonderful. The studio is beautiful and inviting. The variety of classes offered is great. My husband took a yoga class for the first time ever and already purchased a one month unlimited pass. There is an option for everyone in the family! -MD

Green Locus is AMAZING! The teachers are so supportive and knowledgeable. I have learned so much about alignment and have added so much to my practice since taking classes with Pam and Paula. I can not say enough great things about this studio!!!! -AP

Barre, ballet, power or gentle yoga for adults offered at this beautiful, conveniently located, welcoming studio. The variety of classes gives me the ability to choose just the type of class I need on any given day. I feel lucky to have found Mallory & this great space!- EF

This studio is such an amazing supportive place to get fit, challenge yourself and have a blast while doing it. The Barre classes are hard in the best way, all different levels of yoga offered plus adult dance classes - truly something different to try every day.

Mallory, the owner, is an amazing instructor and she hires only the best. I truly look forward to each class.

Not at all cliquey or intimidating, just a group of super supportive women at all stages of their fitness journey. Highly recommended! -CJ

I added these stars 7 months ago, but now I had to come back and expand on this review because now this studio means so much more to me than some virtual stars could express! I have met so many nice people and the owner is fantastic. Not only have I been able to deepen my practice with patient, challenging (in a good way), and talented instructors but I’ve also been able to try new things I never thought I’d get into- and loving it. (Ballet and barre!) My anxiety is less, people say I seem happier, and I’m able to be more present for my family by taking a little me time at the studio. Big thank you to Mallory and the team!! Namaste! -ST

I was looking for a new studio for vinyasa flow close to my work and I may have found the right studio for me. Our instructor last night was Emma who has nice energy and paced the class just right for us. I bought the new student package and I am stoked to try the other teachers here. Also, the floors are great! Well done Green Locus! -MM

Awesome yoga studio! Very much enjoy the classes which are good for all levels and the instructors are super nice and friendly. I recommend trying it at least once to see for yourself. -SA

Green Locus is amazing. The teachers are extremely knowledgable and the atmosphere is exactly what you would want from a yoga studio. From general classes to more specialized ones such as their yoga for runners class, I have never been disappointed. They even do group events! I could not recommend Green Locus more highly. -JW

Green Locus Yoga has the most variety and quality of any yoga studio I’ve found. They have excellent teachers and their adult ballet classes are amazing. It’s a wonderful atmosphere, and the owner, Mallory, makes everyone feel like a friend. I taught group fitness for three years and was a competitive dancer for 10 and I highly recommend this studio -KG

Prenatal yoga has been amazing! Can't wait for my little one to get here so we can do mommy and me classes. -KC

Great local studio with a variety of class levels! -LC

Love the yoga classes, the yoga instructors and yoga in the park. I love Green Locus Yoga !!! -JP

Phenomenal yoga studio, with inspiring instructors!! -LJ

Very welcoming. nice. knowledgeable. close. priced perfectly. so glad there are more adult ballet classes in the area -CE

Went to my first Adult Ballet class today. Our instructor, Shelly, was wonderful and patient. The class was challenging but fun. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to work on core strength, balance, and flexibility. Can’t wait for next week! -KD

Absolutely amazing studio! It has everything you could ever want and need and an incredible staff. -NT

Been looking for a place with real adult ballet class. So much better than any traditional studio adult ballet. The intermediate/advanced class is great for any dance teacher continuing education or refresher course. Plus I love the teacher positive and encouraging! Worth going the 30 minutes from my house. Can’t wait to try out more classes. -TW

This place is amazing. I love the environment and the amount of different classes they offer. Everyone is so friendly. I Will enjoy coming ever chance that I can. -CT

Love this yoga studio! Great people and very good classes. -AW

I absolutely love this place! All the staff are friendly and helpful. They have a wide variety of classes, including ballet and barre. I love being able to have so many options for a well-rounded fitness routine, and their membership and class packages fit various interests. I love all the ballet and barre instructors and am grateful to have found a fun space that offers adult ballet classes for all levels in a schedule that works with my crazy life!

I had not taken yoga before, and my first class was one of their special events; it was by far the most relaxing time I've had in a long while! -VG

Green Locus Yoga is a studio I instantly connected with. The array of class offerings are sure to align with the goals of any wellness or fitness enthusiast. Green Locus is a spacious and well designed studio, that feels welcoming, calm, and comfortable from the moment you walk in. Instructors are genuinely interested in clients as individuals, working diligently to be supportive and offer guidance when appropriate. I would highly recommend this studio to both beginners and those who are advanced in the practice of yoga, dance, and barre fitness! -CM

Beautiful studio with such a relaxing and supportive atmosphere. Love the diverse range of classes they offer, but especially love their barre classes that combine ballet, strength and yoga for a total workout! -JS

Great class selection. Great management. Great all around experience. -MT

Green Locus is well designed and managed. Mallory is welcoming, caring and so energetic! -KQ

Beautiful space! I just started taking the adult ballet classes and it's just the perfect studio for barre and yoga....intimate, inviting, wonderful energy...Mallory has created a hidden treasure here in Citrus Park! -CG

The well run ownership is definitely noticeable, the space is beautiful and the staff members are sweet and attentive. Gentle with Rachel will be a new weekly addition to my hectic work schedule. -NP

This studio is so relaxing and the teachers are awesome! The classes are difficult, yet relaxing, giving you a chance to clear your mind and also get a workout. Definitely give this studio a try! -KH

Loved my first class at green locus. It is a beautiful studio with wonderful staff. Will definitely continue coming to classes! -MM

Absolutely the best yoga studio. This is my first time tryjng yoga. And I felt totally comfortable and welcomed. If you have been thinking about starting yoga, then this is the place to go. Truly wonderful staff. -PM

I was always nervous to try yoga for the first time and then my daughter recommended this place to me after going to her mommy and me sessions. I had such a great first time experience with the gentle yoga sessions that I have been going ever since! All of the instructors are awesome, I even got my husband and teenage son to enroll in the men's beginner series which they enjoyed! -LC

Great studio with great instructors. I'd never done yoga prior to Green Locus. I've learned so much and gotten stronger since joining. Love it! -RF

Awesome yoga studio! Very much enjoy the classes which are good for all levels and the instructors are super nice and friendly. I recommend trying it at least once to see for yourself. -SA

I love everyone at the studio. I highly recommend to all levels! -LK

Wonderful owner. -JZ

My chiropractor recommended yoga to strengthen my back but I was always afraid to start a class. Thankfully my daughter found Green Locus for her mommy and me sessions with her newborn and encouraged me to check them out for their gentle yoga. One year later, my entire family has attended sessions there and we absolutely love it! All of the instructors have been awesome and the new owner is super sweet and has added to the beautiful relaxing atmosphere as well as lots of new class options! I look forward to my time well spent regenerating my mind, body and soul 🙂 -LE

Wonderful place for ballet. Talented, knowledgeable instructors who care about their students. Everyone is very encouraging and supportive. Only wish I didn't have to work so much so I could go to every class I want to (not their fault-blame my boss). A++++ -CL

Green Locus employs the most wonderful and caring instructors. All of the employees here are so real and genuine, it is such a comfortable place for your practice. I have practiced at different barre organizations that have caused me lots of back and shoulder pain; but the instructors here are very body-aware and focused on form and execution. There is such a breadth of classes here, you won't be disappointed. -MW

Really like this studio! I've been really enjoying Emma's classes. She has a great pace to her yoga plus is very attentive to her students and making adjustments to poses. I always walk out of her classes feeling revitalized. -KW

Not only Yoga, dance and Barre as well.
They offer children's yoga, mommy and me classes.
They even offer a Homeschool class and classes for people eith special needs.
Friendly staff, professionals, great place. -EC

Green Locus is a wonderful yoga resource in Tampa. The instructors are friendly and well trained. In addition to the regular yoga classes, they offer a wonderful selection of classes for moms....prenatal, mommy and me, and kid yoga. The men aren't left out either as they have a class designed specifically for men. I have recommended Green Locus to many people and everyone has enjoyed it! -CO

I’ve been attending classes at Green Locus since Melissa Leger opened the studio almost 4years ago. I was going through a very stressful situation as a caregiver and chose yoga over prescription meds. Green Locus and the teachers focus on making sure each student knows how to combine their breathing with movement and how centering and setting expectations at the beginning of each practice makes for a very enjoyable practice. The result ... for me at least ... was my stress has been and continues to be substantially reduced.
Green Locus started in Westchase but found a more convenient place on Sheldon next to Mellow Mushroom and quickly grew that studio through her personal focus on Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness.
I definitely recommend this studio .... and might even be there taking a class when you show up. -RC

Took the Gentle Yoga class. The Instructor Katherine was quite pleasant and showed me around the studio. I felt like I was lead into both the stretch and the breath in order for me to really focus on what I was doing. I also like that I was able to go at my own pace and not be micromanaged. Signed up at the end of the class and will definitely be back. -SM

Great first class here! Rachel was fun and kept the class open to different poses and variations depending on skill level. -KF

I really like this studio because the class I take works well with my schedule. I'm in a "beginners" class, and it was just challenging enough! I got a good stretch, it was slow, modifying moves was simple. Instructor was very intuitive--she would see me struggle and suggest a modified position. And it's a very comfortable, quiet, cool atmosphere. Another plus was that they have Beyond Organic products so I can buy straight from the studio instead of becoming a member, though I think I might become a member for more selection! This studio is also a drop off stop for Tampa Bay Organics co-op. LOVE this place. -CJ

I had the opportunity to take a class at this Tampa Yoga studio a couple of weeks ago and had a great experience.  The studio itself has a very peaceful feeling to it right when you walk in.  I haven't practiced yoga for a long time but have visited a few studios and found the instructor to be very personable and willing to help me when needed without making me feel uncomfortable due to my lack of experience.  The space is large and airy with lots of natural light - my ideal setting for a yoga class unlike some other places that were in the basement of a building with only four walls to look at - Prices seem reasonable and the location is great within a high end shopping area.  Lastly, was great to see the owner of the studio onsite interacting with everyone as we finished the class.  I would definitely return and would recommend Green Locus Yoga both for people that have practiced for a long time and for others that are new to yoga as well. -AT

I took the beginning class there, and I loved it. It was perfectly paced, and though the moves weren't difficult, they really stretched me in places I didn't know existed! I even broke a small sweat! But I felt great afterwards! The studio is so clean. SJ

Green Locus is a great yoga studio. The classes range in style depending on the instructor but they are all exceptional. You can go to a relaxing, gentle class or a more difficult, strenuous (and deeply relaxing) class which I prefer. The new location is far more convenient with parking and space, and the studio itself is a relaxing environment, often lit with scented candles. There are bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets always available. The price is more affordable than other studios, which is important for my Blue Collar self. Also, they have a Monday night donation based class for the budget conscience. To sum up, try it and see if it's for you. I think you'll enjoy it. -AL

I absolutely love this yoga studio! It is perfectly located in Westchase and has a wonderful warm and cozy vibe. All the teachers are amazing and provided a wide variety of styles and types of classes. I also love all the different workshops they have-I would defiantly recommend this studio to anyone!! -LH

I recently went to this Tampa Yoga studio for a flow class and I loved it. The instructor was able to challenge yet support me through the yoga practice. I found that I was able to breathe, focus and balance better than I had in months. This yoga studio was one of the most relaxing and welcoming places I have been to in the area.

I have been doing all different types of yoga for many years across various cities (Chicago, San Francisco, etc.) truthfully Green Locus Yoga and Organics definitely tops the list for me personally. They find creative ways to keep you involved and focused on your health. Whether it is their outdoor yoga or kids yoga or bring a friend to the yoga studio - it definitely keeps you engaged and wanting to come back for more classes. The price is also right - very affordable for a cleansing and and relaxing yoga experience. -JE

I am a guy who has almost no experience with yoga. A friend told me about a special "guy's night" event that Green Locus was having in support of men's health issues. The price sounded reasonable and the special event came with a voucher for a beer at the World of Beer next door! The studio is tucked away on the second level of a very clean and safe commercial plaza located in the Westchase residential area. Depending on when you come, it might take a few more minutes than usual to find a parking spot, but even the overflow parking is a short walk to the studio. Once arriving at the studio, I found a a few people waiting in the reception area where a friendly employee was quick to greet me and have me sign in for the class. There were drinks and equipment available for purchase, but nothing was pushed on me for a sale.

Since I'm inexperienced with yoga, I was hoping that I wouldn't feel overwhelmed. The yoga instructor was very welcoming and questioned our group about our level of experience. For almost every exercise she demonstrated, she offered alternative methods to perform the exercise to suit the student's abilities. I never felt overwhelmed, but I was definitely challenged! I did know that yoga could be such a workout! Fortunately, the class I attended balanced the exhausting workout with a very relaxing, meditative cool down.
The instructor definitely opened my eyes to the benefits of yoga and I look forward to returning! -TD

We love Green Locus! Especially the kids yoga and toddler yoga.  The instructors are very good with the kids and the prices are very affordable.  Check it out! -RH

Green Locus is a great place for someone who is a beginner in yoga. They cater to the level of what you can do and modify the positions with someone who has limited ability like me. Melissa is a great teacher and owner who really cares for her teachers and clients.. The studio gives you that tranquil feeling even before you do yoga.. The different classes offered is very family oriented which is a plus and get the kids to start doing yoga early in life which could increase their strength physically and improve their mental ability to focus..I definitely recommend this place if you want your whole family to start living a healthier way of life through yoga. This is where the difference lies as compared to other yoga places. -DI

I love this yoga studio!!  The studio is in a great location and they offer a wide variety of times for their various types of classes.  They do a lot with the kids and the community too.  And they have excellent instructors who are great with helping each person with their poses, showing modifications for beginners as well as for the more advanced yogis.  I will definitely be back! -MB

Great place! I never did yoga before and was worried there might be a lot of women in yoga pants doing cartwheels and putting their feet on their heads but it wasn't. There were other normal people like me just trying to do yoga. I did have troubles finding it though so make sure you go up to the second floor.They are also closed when they are not running classes so if you have questions, just call the studio. -BL

I have been doing yoga for five years and my last two have been at Green Locus.  I would highly recommend this studio for beginners to advanced practitioners - they have something for everyone!  All the instructors are so knowledgeable and keep in mind the level of the students to teach to the class, not their agenda.  We are lucky to have such a great business in Westchase 🙂 -A.A.

Love the adult beginner ballet classes and series! As someone who developed an interest in dance/ballet as a an adult, its difficult to find a studio that offers ballet classes at a beginner level. The classes are casual (leotards and tights aren't required) but structured and challenging. Mallory and Maya are excellent teachers and will break down the movements as many times as necessary. Would definitely recommend ABASI for dancers of all levels. -AP