Green Locus Yoga is a safe space to start your yoga, barre, and/or adult ballet practice whether you are a beginner and have never taken a class before or if you have been practicing for years. We are a judgement free studio and respect all of students regardless of age, body type, or flexibility. All of our classes are open level, meaning we teach based on the objectives of each student, and a student could attend any class on the schedule as their first class.

If you want to relax, take a GENTLE or RESTORE yoga class; build strength take a CORE FLOW or BARRE FITNESS class, burn calories and endurance, take a POWER FLOW yoga class, build flexibility and grace take ADULT BALLET, or if you are pregnant go to a PRENATAL yoga class.

Our yoga teachers have completed the educational requirements for the 200 or 500 Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor designation. Our barre instructors all hold certifications from nationally accredited organizations. Our ballet instructors have years of teaching and professional dance experience. All of our instructors will provide modifications if you need some help, or additional options if you want to power up your practice. We have a friendly community where our students are encouraged to stay present on their own practice and be encouraging to the community around them.

As a new student, you will be eligible to purchase the New Student Special. This pass is valid for one month from the date of purchase and you can try as many classes as you like for $60, to see what classes works best for you and your schedule and develop relationships with our fantastic teachers! At the time of your pass expiration, you can choose from one of our tiered memberships based on your needs, or a 20 class pack. We encourage our students to try the various types of yoga, barre, and ballet classes, as some days require a little more relaxing while others are better to strengthen and tone your body. For more information, please email us at or call the studio at 813-444-8394!


I've never done yoga, barre, or ballet before, what class should I attend?
All of our yoga and barre classes are open level, meaning they are based on objectives. We have capabilities of all levels in one class and our instructors provide modifications so we can all practice together safely in a non judgmental space. Students are also given options to increase the intensity of their practice if they desire. To see a list of our classes, please check out our class descriptions.

If this is your first ballet class, we recommend beginning with Absolute Beginner Ballet or our Beginner-Intermediate level classes. It is not recommended to move up to Intermediate-Advanced level ballet until consulting with the ballet instructor of their recommendation. If you have previous ballet dance experience, you may sign up for intermediate-advanced.

What should I wear?
For all yoga classes: Something comfortable. Most classes will require you to fold forward at some point so we would suggest wearing an athletic top or a sports bra if you are wearing a t-shirt. You will be barefoot during yoga class.

For barre classes: We recommend capri or longer pants and sticky socks, or socks with grips on the bottom. We do sell these socks in the studio and allow clients to be barefoot if they prefer, although.

For ballet classes: Dance shoes (ballet or jazz shoes) are required. We sell ballet shoes in the studio, or please email us and we can guide you to online retailers that sell them as well. Shorts are permitted in ballet class. Some of our students choose to wear the more traditional leotard and tights for class, although this is not a requirement.

Should I bring a mat or blanket?
We have mats available to borrow or purchase, and blankets to use for class. Most people bring their own so they can also have a home practice, and some prefer to bring their own blanket from home as well.

When should I arrive?
We open 15 minutes before each class. If this is your first class, please arrive 15 minutes before class starts to complete your waivers and get acclimated to the studio. We do ask to silence your phones and talk in low tones if a class is in session.

Do you offer Prenatal Yoga?
We offer Prenatal twice a week and it is included in our regular class packages. Most soon to be moms take advantage of the New Student Special if they haven't been to the studio before, as prenatal moms can also safely attend our slower paced classes such as RESTORE and GENTLE yoga.

How much are your classes?
We have a variety of different packages and series. For more information, please check out our prices page.

Our drop in rate for any yoga, barre, or ballet class is $18. Most of our students use package prices or memberships, as these are much cheaper per class then purchasing single classes at the drop in rate.

Is my first class free?
We do not offer free classes but you can pay after class to let us know what package you like after taking the class. Most people opt to do the New Student Special but if not they are welcome to purchase our single class drop in or 20 class package.

Does my class package or new student special include workshops and/or kids yoga?
Our workshops, kids yoga, and special series are not included in class packages. Workshops and series vary in price so please check our Events page for more details.

Are there any discounts?
Yes, we do offer some discounts. Teens and veterans are eligible for discounts. Please ask the studio about these scenarios. Check out our prices page for more details on prices.

Does my pass expire?
Yes, all class packs have expiration date. The 20 class pack has a 6 month expiration date. If you are nearing the end of your current class pass and have classes expiring, with the purchase of a new pack we will add your expiring classes to the new pack.

What if I am pregnant or have a medical condition and cannot use all my classes in the time frame for my class pack?
Pregnant clients and those with a doctors note may have their class pack expirations extended so they have more time to use the allotted classes purchased.




Where are you located?
We are locating in Citrus Park Falls on Sheldon just outside of Westchase in the same plaza as Mellow Mushroom and Grille 54.

Where can I park?
We have plenty of parking in the plaza. If the spots in front and behind the building are full, there is an overflow on the sides and behind the building. There are a few 30 minute spots, please do not park there as you can get ticketed.