Mallory Quinn holds a doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of South Florida and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Her company ABA Sports Innovations (www.abasportsinnovations.com), uses the science of ABA to more effectively train athletes, and also teaches and certifies other sports coaches and behavior analysts to use her trademarked method: The POINTE Program (TM). Her research with competitive dancers and for teaching dancers with special needs has been published in multiple scientific research journals. Additionally, she is the owner of ABASI Dance Lab which shares studio space with Green Locus Yoga. ABASI Dance Lab provides specialized private lessons using ABA to competition dancers to enhance their technique, and also dance lessons which include ABA therapy for dancers with special needs. ABASI Dance Lab is the first branch of ABA Sports Innovations, and the only site in the world to provide these unique services.

Mallory took ownership of Green Locus Yoga in March of 2018. Upon taking ownership, all the classically loved GLY yoga classes were kept, and barre fitness and adult ballet were added. Prior, she worked for many years as a well respected dance teacher in Tampa and Dunedin as well as a fitness instructor at Pure Barre, having taught over 1,000 classes in this barre technique. Additionally, she is certified and teaches classes in ballet, American Barre Technique, and Kidding Around Yoga. Mallory is passionate about providing a unique fitness studio to the community which teaches high quality yoga, barre fitness, and ballet classes. More than this, Mallory seeks to provide an intimate supportive community where every client is known by name and appreciated and supported. She enjoys getting to know each client on an individual level and learning their story and is particularly passionate about supporting women in their endeavors whether they are fitness, academic, career oriented, or as a parent and believes in providing a motivating and supportive environment where anyone can come relax and de-stress from their day. Mallory is passionate about the classes offered, and believes that the variety of classes will help clients avoid pitfalls of overuse injuries common with other exercise programs, or stagnant results, by providing ever changing variety of workouts at GLY. Another hallmark of our studio that sets us apart, is that our studio does not support or promote any diet products, make up products, or anything that tells women they should change or look a certain way to fit in with society or the culture of our studio.
Mallory is also known locally as a musical theater performer and choreographer. If there is one word to describe her by others it is passion. She is known for her high energy and devotion to her businesses, the quality of classes provided at her studios, and supporting and getting to know on a personal level every client who walks in the doors of her studio. In her free time she enjoys relaxing by spending time with friends and family, going to the beach, and watching movies with her hairless cats Skinner and Baldwin (who frequently hang at our studio)! Her favorite quote is “dreams don’t work unless you do.”